Successful and sustainable: PECS is the solution you’ve been looking for

Are all of your teachers and support staff confident to deliver high-quality PE? 

Are you sure you’ve spent your primary PE and Sport Premium effectively?

These are difficult questions, and they can’t always be answered with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. 

PE Curriculum Support (PECS) is a proven solution to the need for CPD that has a lasting impact. It also meets the criteria for spending the PE and Sport Premium (link to 

Sounds good, doesn’t it? 


What is PECS? 

PECS is a holistic approach to embedding PE across your entire school and is the only programme of its kind recognised by the Association for Physical Education (afPE) Professional Development Board (link to

Primarily a mentoring process, PECS offers regular and ongoing support to empower teachers to raise physical education and activity levels in a way that lasts.

But what does the process actually look like? 

  • Teachers who sign up to the programme will be assigned an expert mentor who will provide ongoing support, modeling and challenge.
  • Teachers and mentors work together to identify the areas for development and the programme’s flexibility means each participant’s starting point will be unique, matching their needs. 
  • There is no need to rearrange your school timetable to accommodate the PECS programme as mentoring sessions take the form of team teaching. This way, children as well as the teacher benefit from expert guidance. 
  • PECS is focused on improving and evaluating pupil outcomes. The programme involves activities designed to sustain and embed practice, including collaborative teacher activity, formative planning and assessment, and expert primary school PE input.


How do we know it works? 

We measured the impact of PECS on 162 primary school teachers in 2021/2022, asking them to rate themselves on a ten-point scale on the following aspects pre- and post-programme:

  • Planning
  • Tracking pupil progress
  • Report writing
  • Confidence in PE
  • PE subject knowledge

Prior to the programme the overall average score was 5.47. When asked to rate themselves at the end of the programme, the average score was 7.83 revealing a significant 43.1% increase in performance. 

The data tells its own story:







For the full report, download the PDF here


Don’t just take our word for it 


The data shows that PECS works, but if number crunching isn’t telling you enough, here are some real opinions from real people who have tried PECS. 

To find out more about PECS or to discuss implementing the programme in your school, contact us via [email protected] or on 07960 853 3978