Road 2 Paris

This summer, Paris will host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The world’s top athletes will compete on a global stage – and your pupils can get an unforgettable piece of the action!

Our Road 2 Paris Workshop provides a full day of Games-themed activities, delivered by qualified coaches and designed to introduce KS1 and KS2 pupils to brand-new sports.

You’ll also receive a huge range of extras, including downloadable session plans, digital assemblies, and the chance to win a school visit from an Olympian or Paralympian!

We kicked off our ‘Road 2’ workshops in 2012, bringing the buzz of the London Games to schools across the UK. Since then, we’ve helped pupils celebrate the spirit of Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020.
Along the way, we’ve motivated thousands of children to try new sports and live the Olympic and Paralympic values of excellence, determination, courage, equality, respect, friendship, and inspiration.

Our one-day Road 2 Paris Workshop is our best yet. Your pupils get stuck into inclusive sports rarely experienced at primary school age – with enthusiastic, qualified coaches by their side for every leap, laugh, and lightbulb moment.
After the session, our curriculum-focused resources carry the Games-inspired magic through History, Geography, PE, and more.
Here’s a snapshot of what’s in store:

Archery – Soft archery sets, achievable distances, and plenty of bullseyes!
Athletics – Experience the thrill of speed bounce and standing long jump.
Boccia – The ultimate target sport to test muscle control and accuracy.
Boxing – Build mental and physical strength with pads, gloves, and combat-style challenges.
Goalball – Blackout masks, a bell-filled ball, and the chance to boost awareness of visual impairment.
Wheelchair race – Navigate the course and see who finishes first!
Shooting – Focus, hand-eye coordination, and fun-fuelled Nerf targets.

Tailored teaching tools included with every workshop:
An interactive digital assembly
Session plan downloads for Games-themed extracurricular clubs
Inclusive sports day plans
A FREE curriculum booklet with 24 ways to celebrate the Paris 2024 Games in your school

We provide all the equipment, resources, and staff to run the day for you. Our expert coaches get your school Games-ready with clear benefits for a range of stakeholders.

Fitting seamlessly into your school day, Road 2 Paris Workshop Days:

Introduce children to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, bringing them closer to the most inclusive, fair, and progressive multi-sport event in the world.
Contribute towards your PE and sport premium goals.
Offer enrichment activities for the whole school.
Address elements of health and wellbeing education.
Promote School Games via intra-school competition.
Are affordable and hassle-free for your school – we provide everything!

PE Leaders

Offering a fun, fresh way to introduce new sporting activities, Road 2 Paris Workshop Days:

Are planned and delivered by our team, with all resources and equipment provided.
Teach the importance of physical activity for a healthy lifestyle.
Involve children in the magic of the Olympic and Paralympic Games – the world’s most inclusive and forward-thinking multi-sport event.
Help you address the School Games agenda via intra-school competition.
Support your PE and sport premium outcomes.


Road 2 Paris School Workshops give your child the opportunity to:

Participate in new sporting activities.
Boost their confidence and physical activity levels.
Learn about the Olympic and Paralympic Games and be inspired by the world’s most inclusive, fair, and enlightened multi-sport event.

Win a school visit from an Olympian or Paralympian!
This year, we’re taking one lucky school’s Paris 2024 celebrations to the next level. When you book a Paris 2024 Workshop, we’ll enter your school into a free prize draw to win a visit from an Olympian or Paralympian!
To learn more and book your Road 2 Paris Workshop, get in touch on 0121 663 1979 or visit